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Share Our Hostages' Stories

We insist on the safe return of all citizens held by Hamas.
We won't rest until every hostage is home. Your support matters.
Implement the “BringThemHome” video widget on your site.


How can you help?

Publish the video hostages stories widget on your website today.

Adding this video widget to websites around the world will help raise awareness so more people can hear the stories of those brutally kidnapped to Gaza.

What is the story here?

Our goal was to raise awareness of our hostages in Gaza.

We're on a mission to get the world to know the story of our hostages in Gaza, and bring them back home ASAP. So, we sat together and built this cool video widget, showcasing the hostages' stories and their families' thoughts.

Any website owner can easily share their story

The concept is simple: Any website owner worldwide willing to support these hostages can add this widget effortlessly. By embedding it on your site, you'll amplify their stories and foster global awareness.

How to add the video widget?


Copy the code below:

        window.TEAMME_CONFIG = {
          companyNamespace: "bringthemhome",
        <script async src=""></script>


Paste and embed it on any page on your site.

Find out how to do it on different platforms:


You are all set. The video widget should be live now!

Share their stories with the world

Help increase diplomatic efforts and international support to rescue all hostages held by Hamas.

  • How easy is it to implement the widget?
    It's as easy as implementing a Google Analytics script on your site. Just copy the code above, add it to your website's code, and publish it. Depending on which CMS you are using, there are specific instructions on how to embed it for each CMS: WIX, Wordpress, Webflow.
  • Who is behind this initiative?
    We are Team Me, an Israeli startup. On regular days, we work to make the recruitment world a better place and have developed our video solution to help companies recruit better. However, when we saw our people being slaughtered and brutally murdered, we couldn't stand idly by.
  • Is the video widget free to use?
    Yes, it's completely free. We rely on your support and exposure to help us and the families reach a wider audience and share their stories.
  • Which platforms and content management systems does the widget work with?
    Whether you are using Wix, Webflow, Wordpress or your own website code, you can embed it anywhere.
  • How can I get help if I encounter issues with the video widget?
    You can reach us via the contact form below or send us an email at One of our team members will be happy to assist you. Please understand that we are all volunteers, so there might be a minor delay in our response.
  • Is it secure to implement the widget on my site?
    Yes, it is secure to implement the widget on your site. We prioritize security and take several steps to ensure the secure integration of the widget. Video content is protected through data encryption, strict access controls, and compliance with privacy policies to safeguard your website. All videos are stored on a secured third-party platform and have no direct integration with your website.
  • Who produced the video content?
    The video displayed on our website is produced by the Hostage and Missing Families Forum. For further exploration of their outstanding work, we encourage you to visit their official website >>

Help us bring them back home


Websites that are already spreading the word

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Thank you for showing support and helping us spread their stories

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